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Negative role of media in world and in Pakistan

Negative role of media in world and in Pakistan
Waqar Abro 

1.     Is Role of media in Pakistan totally biased?
It is biased due to one sided approach and it focuses more on commercialization than on stabilization of the country.
2.     The importance of article 19 has been vehemently violated by the current media or not?
Article 19 speaks of freedom of speech but in the name freedom of speech country’s image at international level has been negatively portrayed by the so called fourth pillar of the state. It is not fourth pillar of the state that is considered in a number of western and eastern countries but rather it has become fifth column of the enemies.
3.     National interest of Pakistan and the concept of two nation theory have been literally distorted? Yes. Reasons are many; few among them are Indian dramas, Indian shows and Programs like voice of American aired, on the contrary the importance of our religion and state that bases on two nation theory are not aired to the larger extent. During the time of Indian attacks Kasab who was caught red handed, had been declared as Pakistani by so called Geo TV. While, hundreds of Americans, Raw agents, Mossad Agents are penetrating in Baluchistan and in Afghanistan their media never claimed their presence rather defended them to all possibilities.  This factor clearly implied to the world that Pakistan is the exporter of terrorism not of peace.
4.     Why media does all this shit?
Virtue is not sellable vice brings a lot of price that means the things that are comprised of goodness and of moral values do not bring money while the programs in which suicide bombers and evil things are shown that brings a lot of money. For instance, the theme of dramas which we used to watch on PTV are of good character and based on our traditional and cultural ethics but the dramas we see on rest of other Pakistani channels are apoles apart 
(showing Indian culture or copying it shamelessly).
5.      Comparison of Pakistani media with BBC, CNN and Fox?
Wherever in the world a mishap occurs it is presented as Muslims did this or responsible for it.  It is worthwhile to mention here, once there was a report on bbc of which headline was Muslim terrorist attacked on Nato.
Are we peace lovers or terrorist exporters? Certainly Muslims means followers of Islam which means peace then why are we maligned or labeled as terrorist? The same role intentionally or unintentionally has been vitally exercised by Pakistani media. All the day, news of havoc comprised on sensation is appearing on our TV screens while natural beauty and human and natural resource which exist in Pakistan are partially touched. What is the difference between west and east media then?

6.     Nature of news reporting?
50 years ago there was a provision in media ethics that dead bodies should not be printed in the newspapers. This provision is whether part of Pakistani media or not but all the day Pakistani media shows dead bodies of the people on the TV which has no doubt created the concept of volatility and insecurity. Psyche of the people has been plundered and they are left at the status of depression and callousness. According to State bank of Pakistan 64 percent foreign direct investment in the country has been nosedived, why investors are frightened of investing in our country? Its answer is crystal clear that at the international level we are regarded as unsafe and most dangerous nation which had also been stated by many investors, companies’ owners and politicians.
7.     Why media uses this tool as a source of income?
Basically, Human by nature becomes happy when someone is scandalized or maligned. For instance,Sui Sothern Gas Company has been providing a very remarkable and meritorious service since a long time  but  its role has never been appreciated on the other hand when news of gas shortage stared booming, Pakistani media presented SSGC AND SNGC as irresponsible and inefficient institution.
8.     Is this a type of war or has it been hijacked?
Geniuses of the world who believe more on facts and on ground realities are of the view that the current role of media in world in general and in Pakistan in particular is of psychological war of which conspiracy has been hatched by Jewish lobbies. To continue with the fact, media has been totally hijacked and dances over the tunes of the hijackers that are as mentioned above Jews. This has been confirmed by many theologians like zakir naik and great politicians like Mahatir mohammad.

9.     Has media been funded or used for vested interests?
Yes. It has been funded and used for personal vested interests. It was reported last year that 340$ million would be doled out to Pakistani media just for presenting America as a friend not foe, of which, outcome, came under the knowledge after the commencements of programs like voice of America in which culture of America that  has been nicely portrayed. On the other hand, programs like Big Boss and India award programs had also started appearing on our TV screens.

10.  Remedial measures?
1)     There should be code of conduct that must speak of cultural dignity, traditional values safety and neutrality.

2)    Rules and Regulations of Pemra should be upgraded and whosoever uses media as anti state element or media itself falling prey to ignorance of its duties, can be made accountable.

3)     There should be independent commission that on regular basis keeps its vigilant watch over the role of media and issuance of licenses should be followed on the recommendation of the independent commission that after thorough study of the nature of channel and its future plans in black and white will direct PEMRA to issue new licenses to new channels.

4)      Biasness and affiliation with any political party of anchors should be investigated before their inductions by Intelligence bureau.

5)    There should be formation of a wing in ministry of Information that should be tasked with the assessment of news and reports and whenever any misinterpreted or fake fable is published or aired ,concerned authority’s should be liable with heavy fine.

6)    There should be formation of institutes that train media persons at least annually. In training, they must be given a thorough understanding of national interest and policies of the state.

If the above suggested measures are initiated, the negative role of media can be improved to some extent.


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