Monday, May 27, 2013

Letter To The Editor: Pakistan's Judicial Reforms

Pakistan's Judicial Reforms
Pakistan Observer

To increase efficiency of lower courts , it is necessary to change the existing style of dispensing justice. Though, Supreme and High Courts are speedily working yet reforms are needed to be brought at lower level of judiciary. Some reformative suggestions are placed before concerned authorities to improve district judicial administrative system.

A law should be legislated that binds judges not to adjourn a case for more than 7 days,provided police has submitted all the facts and figures timely.
1. Coordination gap between police and judiciary should be bridged.
2. A committee should be formed by CJ province which hears complaints of the litigators and review cases and other issues pertaining to law.
3. Free legal adviser should be provided to deserving and poor people.
4. E-justice: all cases should be computerized and maximum 15 days to be set to dispose of a case (final verdict should be given as early as possible). This will lessen down cases backlog.
5. Administration of court should be made efficient and effective for speedy judicial system, by deputing right man on the right job.
6. Postings, transfers and other related issues of judges should be dealt by superior judiciary instead of law ministry.
7. Few provisions of law should be a part of the middle class syllabus for prevention of crime and augmentation of awareness on judicial or legal matters.
 9. Bar council should be more effective and efficient.Honest,loyal and efficient lawyers should head the bar. 10. Judicial investigation wing to be set up to verify the fabricated charges.
11. Salaries of judges should be increased to discourage malpractice.
12. Sms service can be used for coordination, dissemination of case information and hearing dates.

This will save time of court and plaintiffs.
13. Vacancy for Judicial Ombudsman should be created and all issues pertaining to administration of courts should be dealt by Ombudsman. He must be appointed by Chief Justice of Supreme Court and prior to consideration his/her credibility should be a matter of serious concern.
14. Outdated laws of evidence should be replaced with new laws.
15. Prime motive of judiciary should be to promote rule of law in the country and for this equal justice dispensation is necessary.
16. Since Judicial activism has gained momentum in the country , lawyer’s undue movements have created a troublesome situation. However,they must be prevented from acting violently and restlessly.


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