Friday, April 26, 2013

Letter To The Editor: Is Technology Boon or Bane?

Is technology boon or bane?
EVER since the world has turned into a `global village`, the gap between people or rather the classes has been widened. Technology has brought revolutionary changes in our society. It has brought the entire world to our finger tips.
Today, a person living in the US or in any other country can easily communicate with his family members or friends. Yes, communications is much faster now and a time-saving process. But, the emotions, the feelings and the attachment linked with writing a letter has all been lost during the last couple of decades. Social sites like Facebook and tweeter are the modern ways of sharing our feelings with our near and dear ones.
These modern means of communication appear to be meaningful ways of communication but in reality have negative effects.
The privacy of a person exists nowhere on these so-called social sites. But the irony is we still praise the West for providing us such a great platform for communicating with our family and friends.
Almost every technology has a bright and dark side to it, its positive and negative repercussions. About a couple of decades back, communicating with a relative or friend was not as easy as it is today.
We used to correspondence once a twice a month to inform them about the latest happenings. We were deeply involved in the communication process. We were so excited while speaking to our parents or friends while calling them from abroad. But today, such emotions can hardly be witnessed.
Inevitably, we are technologically advanced but we have been morally and spiritually weakened. We are heading towards cultural decadence ever since technology has become a part of lives. It seems as if we have sunk into an ocean of nothingness.
With the help of the latest technology, fake IDs can easily be made. Besides, you can post malicious content to defame a relative or friend.
You can also do it out of jealousy or if you want to take revenge for something.
Determining whether technology is a boon or bane is not easy. However, I believe it has more evil effects than good.


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