Friday, April 5, 2013

Letter To The Editor: Slaughter of merit by chairman SPSC

Slaughter of merit by chairman SPSC 

The Frontier Post Newspaper


Since the democratic form of the government came into power, Chairman Sindh Public Service Commission had been appointing close aids of senior civil servants and politicians.
As, democratic government has completed its constitutional period, the SPSC has not stopped its legacy based selection system. Recently, a son of chairman named Izhar Ali Shah declared pass under roll no.04288, domicile Sindh Rural, for the post of Assistant Chief Inspector Stamps.
This malpractice story does not end here. Lack of accountability always motivates chairman SPSC to misuse his authority. He has successfully managed to declare pass his another son Syed Shiraz Ali Shah for the post of District Secretary Transport Regional Authority under roll no.7386, domicile Sindh Urban, and a son of Additional controller Zainul Abidin Chandio under roll no.8170. Out of 3000 candidates of Sindh, these only two competent belongs to family of spsc management, Pooh!
When absolute power is in control then why to stay silent? Recently, a post of deputy controller examination has been vacated in the SPSC for which 7 candidates nominated.
Among them, the most suitable one has been considered Jumo Khan (Additional Controller examination) whose son along with chairman’s son declared passed for Secretary District Transport Authority.
I salute to the silence of people who do nothing against this height of bad-governance, mismanagement and slaughter of merit. Is there anyone alive to echo voice against this malpractice and inquire Chairman Spsc of these appointments?

Waqar Abro

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